torsdag 24. juli 2008

more on bloody nordmen..and in the mirror on me.

I get a little bit pissed every so often and feel almost vicitimised.

Foreigners living and working- or not gainfully employed as the case may be- are the scapegoat for both national woes and private inadequacies.

The problem is Norwegians are smart alecs. They have to be, or rather had to be before Oil because it was pretty hard to scrape a living and to become rich you had to actually be incredibly astute. With a small population and wide geography they look for short cuts, quick wins, low hanging fruits and generally want "show me the money" before they do anything for you in a business sense.

Blamestorming- they like to blame foriegners for crime and degeneration is society. But also they are quick to blame or scape goat on an office level. It is kind of a presumption of rights over "innvandere"- even the word sounds like you either invaded their cosey privacy or wandered over some unknown border to be shouted down by the land owner. So I get the blame for various shit about my own career and out-of-lease situation and also the blame today for the following.

All offices have coffee machines and no one I know is really keen on powder type. Consequently the coffee machine is well used and coincidentally norwegians are lazy bastards who don't like shitty jobs. So once it reached a bacertiological risk II level I decied to 'steep' glass and the lid over night. The next day I GET THE BLAME for breaking the glass because the fuck-wit TOM had some spastication trying to extract it. Don't put the top up in the can! (IKKE used a lot) Don't be a dick with glass ware is more like it.

I feel a little victimised here but that is just the way the disfunctional idiots are. My new boss is great, never really sees her kids which she likes. But she is also seemingly moving on at some point and this is just a comfy parking zone before the plan unfolds for her in the parting clouds one day.

In my last job I was pretty much descriminated against. I tried too hard in some ways, language wise and 'dumping' work on admin people instead of spoon feeding, whilst in other areas I didn't try hard enough. In fact if I had kept my head down, as I often thought I shouuld, I would probably still be there and still moving to ris. I'd have two years under my belt and maybe earn 500K without shit to say for it. Maybe a snipe. Biach would be pissing around instead of having a great bit of experience. Family intake would probably be not much more....

i'm at yet another company which is personality driven and not systems orientated. The latter style pick up on my cavalier attitude-- they as bosses are either concerned I will fit in and work detail oriented or actualy are cavalier fucks like me anyway looking for people to do the dïrty details. I see it in my own attitude to people on boats.

I have realised some time ago that place is about people and that I only really get along with some types, yet have landed up with shitty jobs often with the wrong types. I challenge authority and establishment too much instead of just going with the flow and this has nearly always been a struggle with the world and myself. Just dopign what I had to even if I didn't want to. BSC final year was my watershed - but it was motivating to study and work in interesting subjects. And I got to knock kenny off his pedestal with a 2i. I scraped it on personal recommendation.

Where does a driven, challenging, attention deficit guy thrive in this world?

I feel I am starting a big dose of chill and getting on the right boat.