søndag 1. november 2009

You Know You Have Been in Norway too Long when....

Well you certainly know you have been in Norway too long when any of the following top 10 happen to you!

You can read more of the same and link up wiht many (mostly east europeans?) at www.immino.no

  1. When on tours abroad, after a couple of days you find yourself yearning for a brown, plastic like sickly, caramelised sandwich filler made from burnt milk...(dvs brunost)
  2. While on sandwiches, in fact a UK sandwich with a top and bottom, seems absolutely ludicrous over use of bread. Open sandwiches are no longer difficult to pack and eat with the ingenious employment of small bits of paper...
  3. Where-ever you are in the the world, on friday evenings around 5pm and saturdays around the same time you begin to twitch unconsciously in the anticipation of 'last chance to buy wine or beer' respectively..
  4. You no longer feel guilty about not speaking to the neighbours.
  5. ; 1 - 4 only blokes....When travelling abroad you start ogelling and drooling over decent sets of (natural) boobs
  6. .......whilst you wonder why girls have such dreadful legs and bums outside scandinavia
  7. You completely forget the expression " want to grab a quick beer?" with colleagues.
  8. You get jealous of people's ownership and their flippant, infrequent use of small shacks out in the midge-ridden woods.
  9. Once establishing a friendship you are no longer surprised at being offered their entire material assets for your disposal.
  10. ....whilst you see no point in trying to take 99% realtionships with colleagues beyond the work place