søndag 25. april 2010

Getting Norwegian Wood over the women

Well Norwegian women are better looking, long-term thinner and more game for outdoor pursuits than most any other country I have been in.

There is a steady stream of Brits and Yanks who get struck by the boy-meets-viking-jente and land up here, convinced to move and start a family on the oil fired paradise.

You should be sceptical ! Economically it can be a catastrophe, I heard more stories about budding middle managers getting stuck in mid rank consultants and delivery bitches here from a guy in Oslo this week.

Here are some questions:

1) does your prospective bi-acch own a house?

2) do her or her family own a cabin ? (hytte say hutte, they will know what you mean)

3) does other half to be earn more than 420 000 NOK?

4) Can her family or close friends help you get a job in a comnpany which you may actually be able to do in english first?

5) Could you work for either a) a company with offices in norway before you come 2)a norwegian company in your home land before you come?

6) are you proffessionally a : oil industry engineer/geologist/HSE expert etc ie "OIL worker" , electronic engineer, joiner, painter, burning successful entrepreneur, tiler or Java programmer?

7) can you speak german with also either chinese, japanese, spanish & italient or russian?

If you have answered 'no' to more than two of these you will really, really struggle in Norway

For instance, during the recession companies in my "state" have just whacked a lot of people: unemployment rose by 22% , but unemployment amongst immigrants rose 49%!!!!

Even a senior business consultant who has worked for most of the big 5, says you are a second class citizen here and you should behave like a guest at the party.

Be humble and extrememly grateful for what chances you get in work life.

Lacking the economic cushions I ask you to consider above in the questions, life will be an uphill struggle outside the oil industry. You will get contract work, dressed up sometimes as leading to a firm position, you will be first to get "whacked" and you will be often marginalised in your authority by longer established coworkers who are not actually as important as your position should be. Also you will be overlooked for real career opportunity jobs, and like me, quite possible pushed out of jobs in favour of the group of bosses and their pals offspring.

To share in the high standard of living you have to get the lead-start by marrying the right viking! One with a well earning family wwith the free time life on offer, and also contacts who can get you a job.