fredag 16. januar 2009

the lastest rant on jobs

Well well, here I am doing what I have never really done before ...

working in a temp job at the shitty end of the stick.
With this telephoni-time monitoring system I see how much time I actually wasted at work before. I remember at KMP that I used to work like a nigger and actually get through the day by 5ppm usually - just by focusing and not being arsed to socialise ( although I could have quite happily stuck the bayonet in either janet or alison on reception)

Now instead of wasting time on surfing, chatting, blogging and so on, I waste time on ring outs, dead people, and busy arseholse in one-man bands. So they waste my time and through their own money down the drain on a numbers driven telesales office. I'm going to go over to 4 days a week.

How on earth do managers in call senters and telesales actually justify treating people just as stats when they at the same time have to keep a positive and motivating atmosphere? Call centres saved the scots economy- but if all that money had been spent getting graduates to start their own businesses (and mostly fail to the fruits of them and the fittest who survive) then the economy could be even more knowledge based and dynamic. Now, like here, it is a house of cards based on the credit and home market booms of the last 20 years- has that come to an end and Scotland has to actually work 'clever' for a change?

Recessions are good because they clear out the dead wood- companies which just didn't have enough energy and quality to survive- companies and employees who just didn't bother to develop. People who turn up and take their money for a shitty delivery with a snarl in return end up in public service somehow- a disgrace that the lazy shit heads can leech off our taxes but that's how it goes- get a job wi the cooncil-

I think this pretty much brings it all full circle here- back to the old people-pushing sales managers. Latest wheeze, as in employees are always wrong and to be pushed first, is that we don't send e-mails out. They get more up time and we push away more business into can't be bnothered. Really we should close on some SPIN risk selling but what the hell.

Soon home to a life I had not ever quite imagined at 40!