onsdag 27. februar 2008

A Lot Like Birmingham

This is a rant but merely a breif moan.

I took a tour up to Montebello/husebybakken tonight and looked out over the city. Once again I thought, a lot like birmingham witha a sea front. It can be nice out on the harbour or on the islands or 'half islands' but the climate has been a bit of a let down outside spring and autumn, which were pretty good.

Now house prices shake and the snow is goign going gone from the long runs into nature, leaving unbikeworthy ice patches for months to come unless we either get serious mild rain or loads of snow graces us for more skiing. There must now be a lot of Oslot-ites who are shaking their heads - stuck in a 80 m2 appartment with decreasing value, in a boring service industry job or banking or public bodies. Now deprived of skiing x coutnry, they are probably like me, the short term migrant bird who happened to land on Birmianias "fjord" shores.

Moan over.

Well where else to live in norway? Not west land - too much rain and not enough snow or moutnain bike opportunitiies.

Not too far north - two months of dark mornings and drives home is enough. SO I guess maybe a littel north of Trysil and maybe Ålesund. GO south? Well the ski season will be even shorter, it will get wetter and there may not be great mountain biking.

Inland poses problems because of access to summer sailing venues. Osloo is quite good in that respect. South norway is also great. West land is too wet and too cruisy racerish.

SO I guess I coudl compromise with either somewhere with Fægerness or another lake here or over the border! The one thing we can actually compromise on is skiing. In south norway it is goign to become ever longer to commute to an ever shorter season. So practically it will be ski maskin training and seldom local days with long weekends and holidays being the key thing. Long term this will put a premium on 800m + cabins , like Myrland or Hemsedal, so buying in an economic slump could be wise, wise long term money.

Also houses- we don't ask for much- 3 and one half bedrooms, a work room/basement, garage or possibility for that a shed and a summer play house. We wanna pay less than 2.5 and be sure that there will be some growth drivers in the area. ie. private industry not public service, better transport, more retiral buying, decentralisation of quangos to this mythical area, some attraction to cyber yuppies to live there in the first place. Striking distance to Oslo hospitals for when we are decrepit.

I guess that opens things right up. Given ski from the door and an hour to Fægernes YC, that would be a safe bet. SOuth east coaaast also, with torp within an hour.

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