tirsdag 8. desember 2009

Eye Candy


You knnow it is a very strange thing that you don't really notice how important a nice-bit-of-ass in the office is until you don't have anything to look at all day, all week, all month at work.

I think I miss the titilation and the "maybe she would" - the basis of many a female sales persons career. Depending on the audience- with GPs ( doctors) it is best to have them not TOO pretty, just a bit middle of the road, a little busty, thin to plump with that hint of slutt which a middle aged man interprets wildly at a subconscious level.

In our little biochemical or perhaps also soul worlds of the unconscious mind I am sure that there are sexual entanglements when the vibes are positive.

I have a foriegn version of good old anita murphy at my side here. Too many years of too much make up, she is on the shelf now dvrcd and right on the very brink of becoming past her sell by date. She knows it. But her career, like muffies, has come first, although her progress has been less than meteoric in relation to the long hours she puts in.

Anyway, she sure ain't eye candy. A dull analyst. The girls nextdoor work in telesales and one or two are of the "hmm, three pinter" variety, but nothing gord' like linda and her bumpy bits in the kra-office.

I've always had some crumpet really! Even in my first ever job! Even in the last yab in oslo the owamw thing with the boobs and ass were good, and the slutty old sales boss too boot. Plus the shop girls upstairs- two or three absolute stunners.

The "might happens" of course do happen, but you have to open your mind to it and feel the pheramones. Age is not a real barrier, either way. Poor old astrid would have got a proper rogering or lizzie, with her HRT and big tits and what a bum for a 50 year old! Or whazzername in hyde, owamwooooo!"

I just like having a semi for part of the day. Kind of tantric sex with the cousin type relationships we have in the work place.

Here in norway the eye candy one might employ as a boss can be oh-sooo much better than any UK or USA boss could get away with ( unless they were a female and therfore probably a lesbie or a honey pot hunter) I mean having a couple of bird who are model status and one who is a prawn star figure would not be anythign to batt an eyelid to in a company of over 10 people. Under that it would be a major fukup though- too claustrophobic for all sides. But the same ratio could apply and be inversely proportional - a bigger company may have 50% of staff female and 75% of them as well tasty or "might put out a bit" types. I've seen these companies! Why employ dogs?

yeah. no need here or in the recession bound western lands. A pretty barmaid, waitress, receptionist or what ever sets a bit of a sexy tone of arousal and thereafter the theme should continue on every office floor. A smattering of lovelies. Keep us boys liking the work place, because like I say, you only REALLY notice it when there ain't any and then it sucks.

Well we have some new staff coming but I don't see this changing in nerdland.

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