onsdag 2. november 2011

Sloth and outright Sharp Practices

I need to get this one out of my system!

This year sloth, rude service and outright sharp practice have gone way over the mark in Norway.

It started with my new phone: when the teleseller didn't manage to upsell me over the basic package ( tenner a month !) then he sounded a bit neutral. He then didn't bother to do the admin for my new phone and I had to wait two weeks of course while I hassled them and got good service !Nothing in writing, he could probably blame it on friday..blah blah

Later it was with our old bank when I wondered if I could get a 20% rise in visa card limit to pay for some repairs to the car. I wasn't very hopeful, but the guy was so rude and blunt about the whole case- worse than your worst nightmare about rude council or railways employees - that I did complain and I got a new case adviser allocated. I wasn't all that fussed about the credit limit, but the rudeness incensed me.

Latley then it has been a loan from the council to cover the deposit on the new house, which is a great action to get people to live here. However we now sit with a bloody bridging loan - on the whole sum at higher interest- because of sloth at the council and they then are not 100% sure they will grant it to us! In fact it is then the bank's problem, as they did not grant us 100% and presumed we would get the 20%. So there is a good 500 quid GBP either down the drain or darn hard to recoop.

The thing that annoys me is that this was of course, taken to the wire and my other half was then left sitting looking a bit naive in trusting all to go smoothly given they had 8 weeks admin time.

So many times before there have been small sharp practices: less discount, an extra included cost not stated until you are on the line to sign and pay. Let alone those arseholes in oslo who tried to take us for all our deposits!! Next time I will always want to see that " flaps, mats, tank and plates" are inclusive and in writing before I go forward in the deal, and make a point of not delegating so much over to my other half unfortunetly .

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