lørdag 24. mars 2012

Cool or cold look warm countries

Seems i ride the back of cool and fall off it too. I was in glasgow in the late 80s when it was the cool under ground, indy reply to manchesters post punk poets

I lingered too long but inverness was happening for itself. The antichrist of aberdeen, a necropolis to faith, camraderie and goodwill for the most. Mountian biking was a saviour.

Then back to manchester when it became look cool. Then life took off to ireland when it was the coolest and hottest. It overcooked in  a Corrs drenched euro sell out, my girl friend being the epitomy and breaking my heart.

Cheshire suddenly became cool and i ran a mile to the liquid nitrogen near zero kelvin coolness that was edinburgh in the late 90s.

Edinburgh had been cool for me personally for ever and a day. Deltics , the look, the pancake lace and spudulike. Haymarket depot. Hot little studenty sluts.

Then i laid routes downin oh so coola nd aloof and best in the world quilty of life, terra norvegicus. But it shows its greedy face polluting the wolrd for ski cabins and audi 2:4s.

Where is cool now? Well where it is beat. Instead of a war we have had a defeat for everyone. The rich lost a huge battle but regrouped to be able to counter attach and make poorland pay war reparations to a sub prime shit fight they werent even involved with.
Beat means finnaky there are places cheap enough to be beat.

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