mandag 18. mars 2013

View From A Not So Far .....

I wonder how things in the UK are for ordinary people since the greatest economic recession since the 1930s began?

A lot of people are sitting on negative equity or potential for that if the economy really did start to unravel itself when public spending starts to take its toll on the lack of growth.

Perhaps the UK is getting used to "de-growth" now: there is uncannily low unemployment according to the government, but of course the true figure is always higher with black spots having very high levels of young unemployed folk and older be-lingering benefit cheat pro's.

 The UK economy is truly quite transformed by the size of the service economy, which was at some point a few years ago straining with lack of staff. Perhaps all the keynsian money sloshing around and the trickle down from the traders is floating it all, but for the traditional conservative economists, recession into "de growth" is a panic because growth of the general economy is a very central mantra for them.

In Norway we were pretty drastically affected by the recession: basically all jobs outside oil or those linked into oil dried up over night. Companies froze up and many could not survive without credit injections. We had moved just at the wrong time in many ways, out to the sticks with little oil related industries. But when new rig and field development picked up, I was able to get into the game and have never looked back, especially because in fact you meet the nicest, funniest, most charming people in oil companies.....driving Leaf El'bils while planning the pumping of masses of crude by most effective means!

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