fredag 24. oktober 2008

another vacancy bites the dust....

Well dear graduate and would be master of science marketing.....

I fell into my own trap once again!

Ok, so I did enough to get a first interview-ringing in forhand, following up my application thereafter and finding out the key facts on the client.

BUT where did I go wrong`?

Full CV -kiss of death

On line application with this -even worse- typos in it!!

did not find out enough about the job in forhand- the focus and challenges and the deliverables- could have matched my IVGN work more to it and generally sounded more "senior strategic" as a guy.

Thereafter it was easy for me to fall into the 'chain of job explanations' rather than focus on matching my skills to their actual needs.

I took no control of the interview when I could have "cut to the quick" it being a frdiay afternoon. In fact I was TOO RELAXED and:

rambled on, job excuse to excuse. Too much one way. not selling.

I'm left feeling bruised and rejected of course as one is...I feel like this will be the only opportnuity in the next year here and so on. Immature! There will be other opportunities! It's just stupid to put a whole load of expectations postivitly on that job while ignoring the general advertised market, the open applications market, new shaping and networking possibilities.

SO I need to pick myself up tmw!!

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