fredag 14. mai 2010

Cracking the Code

Once when I worked at a large US based corporate I took it upon myself to socialise with other departments at a christmas doo. It didn't take me long to appreciate that they were a bunch of trogs. However one informed me it was worth cracking the code, breaking into the group becuase once you were in there.....I nodded politely.

Now I am new boy, bad smell, needy baby. two areas.

Firstly of course as this is a Norway rant, the local yocal and general work life code to crack. This involves a long period of stalking, being mild, keeping quiet and trying to be alone somehow so people think you should get invited to social events. Impossible if you are not single.

You have to learn to be small and use just a little charm to squeeze your way in. Once you are in and Godkjent, then everyone is suddenly there: and not worth it. Conversation is often dull as ditchwater and revolves around false modesty and sly boasting: keeping up with the jones in legnth of yacht and improvements to the cabin.

The other area I am only a little bit more successful in is Social Media.

The key here in fact is NOT actually creating a social network on line: it is to snowball out of one you have in REAL, or to ride the back of an established (or many established) groups and fanpages.

Both of which I am very bored with trying and just can't be bothered. Usually when things hitrock bottom a little angel gets sent on some kind of probatory duty to help me out. "oh god, not another undeserving type looking for a nano miracle to steer them away from the dark....well, here goes.....ding....someone asks him to socialise, or he will get a job interview..."

Angel times? Plenty...getting the motivation to do my best at my degree. Bumping into Wallace and then dave...Getting the flash motor and pleasent job at leo. Getting my fifth year of uni fiunded. Getting called up to go on the smeg. Bumping into GLX reno 5 driver Gill. Getting called up for the km job. Striking in first time at mccanns. getting a job , with more pay, quickly after HCC fell through. Jim liking my CV.

Since then though I have made my own luck and had to work at it. Now I give up. If I beleive in angel , delinquent one , then I must let it fall on me soon.

A man in free fall again.

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