lørdag 1. mai 2010

Peed off with Norwegian Employers and "Pals"

This week I am been mostly pist off with norwegians

My issue is that I have not cracked the code apparently, and well, do I actually want to?

I lived in aberdeen/ and shire a couple of years and by the time I found out there was a code to break and time to be spent making social networks I wasn't frikkin at all interested in the inward, inbred, boring and rather naval gasing aberdonians.

I did note you got about 5 mins respect and politeness as a guest, the rest was a brush off. So you get a bit more pushy maybe on trying to make pals. WRONG! you have got to go the other way and be invited to be a potential booking for an interview to discuss the possibility of getting a qeue ticket number to start maybe being on a list of potential people to be acquantances with.....or not if you decide on that day to cold shoulder the pushy outside away.

Well, same here, but the "guest" period lasts longer particularily if you move around a bit like I have: each place and work environment affords you a little honey moon period before it is back to head down, hope you maybe make a pal but don't expect too much.

It is of course partly a function of my age and having family, but it sucks. It is alien for me to have to ask some people so softly-softly-catch-a-monkey for a pint: this is seen as a bit pushy.

In norway, once your guest 5mins of welcome is up, you have to shut up and let and get on with doing menial, quiet things before they maybe will deem you to be worthy of a socialising bone. Try just a little too hard, and they back off. TOo hard can mean ONE single text message too many out of three per annum.

Huts, boats, holdiays, lobsters etc : if you are in the guest phase you get some of this, but it is abruptly OUT OF BOUNDS for you to ask when you are between valued guest and new friend.

New friend status, that still nervous phase before fast cameraderie, may take several YEARS to attain.

And, you know what, it isn't worth it.

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