tirsdag 18. september 2012

My Own ...Personal...Lidl

It has really dawned on me that I am actually a walking version of Lidl - personified in the Norwegian society.

A successful formula elsewhere, I am hitting the buffers of being taken seriously here and am once again being side lined for a Norwegian to get a creamy job like the one I have had until now.

In my line of work they are just looking for something and won't see that other products may fit perfectly.

Just like Lidl, I lack the recognisable, colloquiol brand names on my CV: , Grimstad Høyskole, BI, Statoil and so on...

Lidl was great- huge success in many countries who get the thing about central purchasing and no frill service and shelving. Here in Norway it bommed while over the border in Sweden it seems to be thriving.  Why ? It was full of immigrants and although they did a cow turning on local brands on the shelves, it never got the high spending, once a week fill ups which other countries did. It didn't establish credibility because it was both alien and did not try hard enough to fit in.

Hmm, where do I get the feeling I could be describing myself? 

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