tirsdag 11. september 2012

Once again I have broken my own rules and taken a job which has, ahem, evolved in a direction I have no wish for it to go, and in effect not just a boring one but also a dead end for me.

It does give me however, 6 months of useful experience: but then all the invoices and VOR's will come in and it will be a nightmare.

Actually this isn't particularily Norsk : if you start a job with poorly defined responsibilities you will continue that way at the mercy of who ever drops the monkey off their back.

However the sly way this has happened is quite norsk: and discriminatory.

So what; it happened because I needed the job and I did not have any power to determine my responsibilities exactly. Now I am all bitter and pissed, but in fact I have to see that I was super lucky to get the experience I have had the last ten months. Usually you would need to haver...erm....more experience to get this! Experience being the quality you acquire the moment exactly after you most needed it.

Well well, put it down to experience and now I will try hard to utilise my experience to do what I never, ever do and that is NEGOTIATE conditions in a new job before I leave the old one!!

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