lørdag 15. februar 2014

Norsk Olympic XC Collapse

Poor old norway, not enjoying the lime light after a promising opening and quite unlikely to be on the podium in any xc and biathalon events to go.

There has been a crisis in waxing, the smørebu guys failed, but probably only a fraction. Maybe a couple of centimeters glide on the skating skis and a few bad kicks on classical skis. What they really failed on was to hold the confidence.

Bad waxing on classic kick zones is painful for even a tour in the woods, so in combination with a little bad feel with the choice of ski from dozens the top three norsk girls and guys have destroyed confidence.

The tension thus created has no doubt eaten into the confidence and the zone-feeling that the norwegians have ridden on in many competitions.

I think it is great that on the one hand some of the previous background players have been in medals and that other countries are able to peak and give the scandinavians a run for their own money and beat them at their own game.

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