torsdag 20. februar 2014

Universal klister .....

We got fresh snow and some blue coloured numbers so with rain forecast i dived out again for a ski tour.

Having not cleaned the clister off i had the choice of melting in some red or using more Swix Quick Klister which i am experimenting with.

This time i was prepared to throw the whole can in the bin if it was messy and wore off quickly. However the universal name is deserved and the quick does function all be it with a proviso that you let the solvent evapourate and check it has become as tacky as tubed clister at room temperature.

This time i applied very sparingly, spreading it thinly towards the centre. I let it get tacky in the warm wash room and then shooted on another layer just in the binding's length.

After this i just drove out and laid them on the snow for a few minutes.

Conditions were new snow onto a hard but melting base, air -2c. The skis cladded up really comically badly on the loose snow up the first fish bone to the tram lines. After this was scraped off though there was glide to be had. And "spiker feste" ie hob nail like adhesion with a ljittle cladding when jogging up steeper sections.

The glide got better but i found that poling was not as fast as diagonal where the snow was soft at all. However diagonal was almost too good a glide like a figure skater.

The brakes were on whenever i poled on even gentle down hills, which seemed a bit bizarre but truly the compression of one ski was giving glide where two were not melting the snow enough.

The one issue i had was that clister in the whole kick wax zone was too much and when there was loose snow then there was clumping exactly where you dont want it!

So the clister was universal as the temperature range suggests. For a tour or training skier then this is easier to use than tube with spatula although not any quicker imho due to there being maybe five minutes evapouration at minus five and then another few minutes to cool off so it doesnt rip off or march backwards from the heel.

Quick Clister then: Ideal to reapply then before a thermos break or lunch at the fjellstua. No good for new snow unless it is very corned, but tracks with newly flattended snow were great. Start by not waxing the whole kick zone hust the sole with it. Quicker and cleaner to apply than a tube and of course it will remain fluid to a much lower temperature when applying. The applicator is better for fjellskis as it is wide but care can make for accpetable non messy results.

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