lørdag 1. mars 2014

Cross Country Ski Technique : taught too seriously?

In a rough translation and update to the last blogg in Norsk.

This year I went out with good inentions of cracking some fine points of technique yet ended up with a theory that there is a lower level set of goals in technique which are more relevant, achievable and sustainable for the fun & fitness xc skier and the touring skier.

The final evidence for the plaintiff side of moderation from an elite, perfectionist and athletically correct style of diagonal and poling, was that my best day of fitness and kicking was on a pair of 50kr jumble sale waxless skis and my now ancient touring boots. I did a good three hours on them on corned snow which was melting.

It is easy to say then well sod glide you need good kick traction. Also that buying new, narrower training skis would be a  distraction for me. However i conclude that the case is adjourned pending better snow.

Simply concluded for the time being it has not been a good season to deconstruct finer points of my technique or learn new ones. Running before i can walk in terms then of having to cope with the variables of poor track conditions while trying to go back to square one and reconstruct my skiing.

We had almost two meters of snow all of it powder before it then progressively melted and it all became an early Easter. Then it thawed and froze and then some more new  snow came and made it all jolly dee again. So we had actually no firm base, which is quite unusual, and we had an insulated ground which did not freeze much before the onslaught of two weeks of snow fall.

Even on my last run i was losing my staves into the white void if they were not really close to the side of skis.

So let me put a full stop here shortly on my analysis before there is reader paralysis.

In the next blogg then i will pick out some tips for such an approach to deconstructing technique and facing variable conditions.

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